The future of B2B Payments in India

How does it help your business?

Faster Onboarding

Reduced onboarding complexity. Complete online & self-service onboarding for your vendors, clients or suppliers, with easy documentation. Quick approval process.

Smart Invoices

Create smart invoices and setup up automatic reminders or recurring invoices for your clients. We stay on the invoice until it gets paid, period.

Online Payments

Get paid faster by accepting online payments through commercial cards or other financing options.

Split Settlements

Automatic split payments to your vendors with single payment. You no longer have to go through the pains of long and troublesome process of paying to each of your vendors.

Standing Instructions

Setup standing instructions or recurring payments for invoices raised by your regular and approved vendors with pre-defined limits and dates.

3rd Party Integrations

Import your invoices, vendors or suppliers from your existing software systems.

What we do?

Enkash™ is re-inventing the way businesses pay each other, We fundamentally believe that businesses need faster, automated and simple tool to process their payments and manage their cash flows.

We are building financial software to bring our thoughts to reality and to the market. Our initial product helps business manage their invoices and track payments to their suppliers. We eventually want to help suppliers to get better at their cash flow management by getting advance payments or quick financing on their invoices when they offer terms to their customers.

We want to help businesses grow by scaling the billing and payments Infrastructure in India. We aspire to provide customized solution to corporates, vendors, suppliers, SMBs, travel companies, Airlines, Hotel Chains, Retail and other businesses to manage and pay their invoices easily.